My Favorite thing to do…

I like to do a lot of things but, I really like to do…  Musically, Food, Play outside and do cartwheels, watch TV, YouTube and pretend I’m in Gymnastics. Thank you for reading hope you Enjoyed!  


things I like!

ever since I was 6 I wanted to sing for my whole life, I also wanted to do gymnastics now that’s a different story. I love music because to me it sounds more then beautiful, it feels like I’m in heaven. I know it sounds funny but it’s true! I started to practicing gymnastics since I was 8. Okay this mite sound weird but I don’t go to a real gymnastics place no. I practice at home and pretend to be in one, I know how to do a one hand cartwheel, two hand cartwheel and I can do a back bend! I love to flip, it’s like my life depends on flips!  I know weird. Thank you for reading about my favorite things I like!!!!!